Advanced engineering, renowable, aeronautic, finite elements simulation and experimental stress analysis


Eo6 offers its consulting and advisory services to companies which needs technical support along the development and execution of its projects.
We offer us for being your partner on those projects whose needs are: tehcnical support and reinforcement, use of new technologies, specific standards and normative application, product validation and certification, and so on. We always use a client customized and professional way of working.


Eo6 designs are based on client needs and specifications from the scratch stage up to the optimitation stage.
Along the full design cycle, Eo6 could provide a full and global service or just develop and manage some of the development stages, all of them under a strong and continuous relation with the client.
The different stages are: technical management, supply chain management, selection, following and development of providers, subcontracts coordination, design and development of components, manufacturing, test and prototyping commissioning, design and product certification, patenting, between others.

product development
experimental stress analysis


Experimental Stress analysis could be used for obtaining stresses levels on existing components. The real stress values are obtained performing some specific test to the components.

Eo6 has specific hardware for using measurement technologies based on accelerometers and strain gages.

Eo6 could develop the following services:

  • Static Stress and Displacement Measurement.
  • Dynamic Stress and Displacement Measurement.
  • Structural Validation.
  • Vibration Measurement.
  • Displacement, velocity and acceleration.
  • Eigenfrequencies.


Based on the site specific characteristics and wind turbine specifications Eo6 perfoms a full set of load calculations that covers all the possible situations that will appear during the 20 years of a wind turbine.
Described analysis could be specific for a field site verification-validation or generic for a wind turbine class according to a required standard.
Eo6 wind turbine loads background could be extrapolated an applied to a detailed wind load analysis for other energy plants as groups of photovoltaic modules or thermosolar plants.

specific load calculation
component certification


For every one of the described engineering services Eo6 could prepare and deliver the full set of oficial documents according to the certification authorities requirements (Germanischer Lloyd, DNV, DEWI-OCC y TÜV). Based on the mentioned set of documents the certification process could be done on a high efficient way due to the fact of the inclusion of final requirements from the beginning of the services.


Eo6 has demonstrated capabilities for doing the following analysis types, related to systems, subsystems and / or components.


  • Simplified preliminary design analysis.
  • Structural design and modelization.
  • Component Structural Analysis and validation.
  • Non-Lineal Analysis: contact, material plasticity, large displacements, failure analysis, buckling and post-buckling.

Fatigue and Damage tolerance

  • Fatigue Analysis. Duty Cycle Life Calcualtion.
  • High Experience on welded components.
  • Bolted Connections.


  • FE dynamic models realization.
  • Modal Analysis. FE model adjust and correlation.
  • Dynamic Transient Analysis: lineal and non lineal.
  • Seismic Analysis.
  • Aeroelasticity: wind load calculation due to gust and turbulence.

finite elements simulation